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"You are the only copywriter other than Ben Settle who goes to my Primary inbox these days"

— Daniel Throssell, “Australia’s best copywriter” & master of engaging and provocative emails, writing me in a private reply to one of my own marketing emails

Hello. John Bejakovic here. And I'd like to invite you to a special training event I'll be offering soon. It's called Influential Emails.

The goal of Influential Emails is to transform how you write and how your audience sees your brand. Specifically, Influential Emails will take you from where you are now, to where you can...

1. Open up your prospects' minds to new ideas — ideas you want them to believe.

2. Create positioning, authority, and even free traffic for yourself, using words alone.

3. Sell stuff, while sidestepping the stubborn reactance more and more of us feel when somebody tries to persuade us.

Maybe you're wondering how I can claim Influential Emails will do all this for you. It's because it's done all this for me. Even though... well, before I tear myself down, let me first hype myself up a little. 

The Influential Emails way of writing has allowed me to make connections with some of the most successful marketers and copywriters in the direct response industry. It's created an aura of authority for me, completely independent of my results in the field. Most importantly, it's influenced the minds of my readers.

Like a business owner named Randy, who has joined Influential Emails already. He wrote me upon signing up to say:

"Your writing style is so unique and engaging that it keeps me coming back for more. It’s like a roller coaster ride, with each email being different from the last one. By the end of every email, I feel like I fell down a flight of stairs but landed on my feet. I want to learn how to do that :)"

That's the goal of Influential Emails. To teach you how to do that. Because look. I'm a sucker for praise. I love being told I write well. But I'll tell you honestly, even though it hurts to say:

I'm not supremely talented. I'm not even particularly driven or hard-working.

The reason I can consistently write "unique and engaging" emails is that over time, I've hit upon a few good ideas, strategies, and tricks.

I keep reaching for these over and over. They underlie all the emails I write. They are responsible for the good results I get.

And right now, I'm willing to share these ideas, strategies, and tricks with you. Because I'm not unique in being able to write like this. If you put in the key and turn the ignition on, this engine will run for you also.

One thing you should know:

This is the first time I'm offering this training. That's good news in case you want to join, because I'll do everything I can to overdeliver and make sure you leave feeling wowed. So in case you're interested, here are more details.

Influential Emails will be organized as three training calls. The calls will happen on Thursdays, November 11, 18, and 25, from 8pm CET/2pm EST/11am PST.

Call 1 will give you my best secrets for writing influential emails. This is stuff you can use today to put some magic into your writing, and to start influencing your own prospects on a new level. Here are a few things we will cover in Call 1:

* How to keep your emails fun and punchy with S. Morgernstern transitions. Simple, natural-sounding trick for jumping from interesting topic to interesting topic... with no letup that allows your fickle readers an excuse to stop reading.

* How to build your authority at the expense of others in your industry. I call it the "bait & switch" email close. Readers love it, and it's less shady than it might sound.

* The NLP insight I use to emotionally manipulate readers at the start of my emails. And no, it's not a pattern interrupt. This is something deeper, less obvious, and goes to the heart of what good writing is all about.

* The "Five Fingers" storytelling strategy. I learned this years ago from tophat-wearing pickup artist Mystery, but you can start using it today. It's the most subtle method I know for forcing tension and intrigue, even when your story is not very dramatic by itself.

* A mechanical way I use to sound profound, even when I am saying something obvious or trivial. I'd use it now except I don't want to give it away. This one trick has been responsible for more engagement, mindshare, and influence for me than anything else.

* The psychology secret of "Sophisticated Slapstick." Comedian Ali Wong uses this to make slapstick comedy hilarious to sophisticated audiences. You can use it to surprise and delight your readers... even if they are savvy or wary of persuasion tricks.

* The hypnotic induction I use to get readers over dry or technical material. Goes all the way back to Dr. Milton Erickson. I find it very powerful, but but I've never met anybody in the copywriting space who knows about it.

* How direct response-style subject lines harm your reach and influence. Also, how to use DR fundamentals like promises... warnings... secrets... and specifics so they help — rather than harm — your brand.

* A cheap but effective way to use email to get on the radar of powerful and influential people in your industry. I used this to get a bunch of top Agora copywriters and marketers on my list. Also makes your emails easier and more fun to read.

Once we get through all that stuff (and a lot more), then Call 2 will show you influential emails in action. Because finished results and how-to advice are not enough, at least in my experience.

I prefer to see pros practicing and failing. That's when the technique and the skill of what they do really becomes obvious. So I'll pull back the curtain, and show you all the ugly details of how I actually write emails.

So Call 2 will be a soup-to-nuts breakdown — including all the initial half-starts, rewrites, and forehead slapping — of four emails I will be sending to my list. This call will show you how I take the ideas from Call 1 and put them in practice... and also, what I do when things don't work like I want.

On Call 2, I'll also share my own process for finding, organizing, and integrating ideas and illustrations I put into my emails. This is my mental map of email copywriting. It might prove more valuable to you than anything else I say in this whole training.

And then, Call 3 will be your chance to get your email critiqued and improved. You can send me up to three emails you are working on now... or ones you write from scratch using the ideas and examples in calls 1 and 2.

I will give you my feedback — stuff I like, stuff you can do better going forward. Plus you can see what I tell other people who submit their emails for a critique.

All the calls will be recorded. Also, at the end of the training, I'll make transcripts of all the calls, which I'll edit and format in a nice little package for you.

And of course, I have a few free bonuses to stimulate you further:

Free Bonus 1: "Quick & Dirty Emails That Make Money." I've written my share of non-influential emails... emails where the whole goal was to get done quickly and to make money.

In this presentation, I'll show you the step-by-step system I used to write such emails, with examples from two email lists that regularly pulled in $1,000-$2,000 worth of sales each day... with about 20 minutes of work a day. If you need quick sales copy... or you're working for clients who don't care about being influential... this presentation will be valuable.

Free Bonus 2: "My 12/4 Most Influential Emails." I'll share my 12 most influential emails with you... I'll tell you the background why each one ended up being influential... and I'll tell you what I might do differently today. Plus, I'll give you the top four emails, written by mysterious others, which had the biggest influence on me. I'll share these actual emails with you... and go through how they worked their magic on me.

Free Bonus 3: "Mystery Screenwriting Insights For Copywriters." Everybody and his mom will tell you to write like a screenwriter to produce better copy. That usually defaults to reading Save The Cat or to watching some YouTube video about the Joker in the Christopher Nolan film. Weak.

I'll give you the real thing — a very special and intriguing document from my favorite screenwriter of all time. And I will give you my analysis of what that this top top top screenwriter is actually doing in his writing... and how you can use it to make your emails more influential.

Al Ries and Jack Trout (the guys who wrote Positioning) wrote that if you have a truly new product, it's often better to tell the prospect what the product is not... rather than what it is.

I think Influential Emails is truly unique. So let me highlight what Influential Emails is not:

1. Influential Emails is not a course on sales copywriting. Rather, it's about influential writing, in email format. In other words, it's about telling your prospects something new and valuable... or something old and valuable, but in a new way. And of course, it's about benefiting yourself in the process — whether by creating positioning and authority, or by selling something direct.

2. It's not a bunch of templates or hacks to write quick and dirty sales emails in 10 minutes a day. Yes, one of the free bonuses covers some of that. But if that's all you're interested in, don't sign up. Because the core of Influential Emails is about writing emails that are unique and interesting.

3. Influential Emails is not about jazzing up a one-off email for a client you will never work with again. Instead, it's about the long game. About influencing and building a relationship with an audience. About getting your readers to look at you (or your email alter-ego) as a leader.

That's why Influential Emails only makes sense if you are writing to promote yourself... or your own business or brand... or if you are working with a long-term client, one who wants far-reaching influence, and not just one-time sales.

Like I said, this is the first time I'm offering this training. I'm not sure when or how or if I will offer it again.

One thing I am sure of:

If I ever do offer Influential Emails again, I will charge more for it than current price of $248. 

Because if you write copy for clients, Influential Emails can easily win you repeat work worth much more than this sum.

And if you write for yourself, then this training can be transformational for your business.

For me personally, this way of writing emails has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars I wouldn't have seen otherwise. Much more importantly, it's resulted in connections and opportunities that I could never buy. I believe it can do the same for you.

The opportunity to join Influential Emails will be open until Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 12 midnight PST.

If at this point you have any questions or doubts about Influential Emails, write me at [email protected] and ask. I'll answer you honestly, because I'd rather have you not join, than join if this is not right for you.

But if you're convinced, and you're ready to find out how I write my emails and influence my readers... and how you can do it too... then click on the red button below. It will take you to the checkout page. Fill out the form there, submit it, and you'll be officially enrolled. I hope to see you inside.

Update as of Nov. 1 2021: Influential Emails is now closed. If you'd like to get notified in case I ever offer Influential Emails again, sign up for my daily email newsletter here